here’s what i wrote to the “hot chicks of wall street”:

"thanks so much for making me feel like the only thing of value i have to contribute to the OWS movement is tits and smile. thanks for making me feel like i can’t go down to an OWS movement without being hyper vigilant about who is looking at me and why. thanks for making the women of OWS aware that they will be looked at first as a body and second as a voice in a community. thanks for showing me how far we need to go to get to equality. (ps. one mom and a face painter don’t make what you did ok)"

*here is this guys  tumblr incase you want to make a comment (my ps is in response to a woman in the video who wrote to him saying she liked the video and a mom of a girl in the video who wrote in and said that her daughter looked beautiful in the video. those women are entitled to feel however they want, but their approval does not free this dude from the gross assumptions of his actions and nor should their voices be put forward as a “free pass” to continue to take pictures of women who are protesting about their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with society and then frame them in a sexualized context)

*here is my favorite article i’ve read about this situation in which the author talks about rape jokes this guy makes on his facebook page, which i will reblog shortly, and tells an awesome story about how the hot chicks guy got mad about what she wrote, google image searched her, found a picture of her modeling a dress in a friend’s fashion show and wrote her an email saying she had no right to criticize him based on how she’s dressed in these photos! for really reals. if you want to feel like slitting your wrists please scan the comment section.

*i just want to say that (in my opinion) it doesn’t matter how arty the video is, the fact that it’s a well shot video doesn’t excuse it’s intention which can basically be boiled down to “wouldn’t it be great to get your dick wet with one of these hot protestor girls?”. it doesn’t matter how twee and indy-film like it is, it doesn’t matter that “that’s how boys look at girls and if that’s a crime then every man is a criminal” which is what matt on was arguing. what matters is that this video was even shot in the first place, that in our society male gaze is so rampant that there is literally no where a woman can go to be free from it. this is so rarely examined or spoken about because to change this core of our society and allow women (50+% of the population) to have space to simply be without taking into account the “hotness” of their physical forms really *would* be a revolution. what also matters is this that the video shows how far, far away we are from this change. if we’ll ever get there, i don’t know.

*i also want to say that i don’t blame the face painter or the mom on the hot chicks website for writing in and saying oh thanks for making me/my daughter look beautiful. it’s a wonderful thing to be told you are beautiful or to see something that feels like it could be empirical evidence of this fact. wouldn’t it be nice if it were true, this proof of beauty, this comment on your edifice? wouldn’t it be nice if you could know it was true forever and you could carry it around with you like armor to protect you from the world? to shield you from male gaze? to make you always, always, always feel safe and good? i struggle with these feeling myself because women live in a patriarchal society in which we are only trying to survive. especially in a “post-feminist” society that bristles at these very questions, trying to protect it’s self from the ratification it would have to undergo if these basic tenants of society were changed. but i also want to say that this focus on beauty, this chopping up of women into body parts, of women into boxes marked “worthy” (based on looks alone) and “unworthy” (based on looks alone) KILLS WOMEN EVERY DAY AND IT MUST STOP! IT MUST BECOME PART OF THE OWS MOVEMENT IN A MAJOR WAY!